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Cover Illustration by Stéphane Lemardelé


A tragi-comic novel about Charlie England, born in 1975 on his family's 200-year old Eastern Townships farm. High school football carries him to Laval University where he studies law and, as the sole Anglo, plays for the famed Rouge et Or.

He discovers a French world, falls in love, has two daughters, and happily settles down.... until he is called back to Derby County by tragedy. There, his teenage daughters test him and his wife has doubts about Anglo life in the Townships.

Charlie is discouraged by the depressed state of his diminishing Anglo community, and the flight of his old schoolmates to Toronto and beyond. His law practice struggles and his family squabbles over cultural diffe­rences, including the language of education. Charlie's shaken identity plunges him into a despair of infidelity, alcohol and dope.

.. ribald, hilarious, and perceptive. A must-read for anyone interested in understanding the "Two Solitudes" of Quebec."

(Jefferson Lewis)

Cette excellente saga éclaire et ouvre des portes. A lire.

(Robert Toupin)

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